Ep. 14 – Committed to Growth

Choosing to do something new can be intimidating…sometimes scary….and almost always uncomfortable.

However. If you can grow a pair of cojones and do it anyway, you might just find you are stronger than you thought. Spoiler alert! You will still feel intimidated, scared, and uncomfortable. But through the process, I’m willing to bet you will uncover an inner strength you will be able to call on time and time again.

When I started this challenge a year ago…it didn’t just involve the monthly fishing goals, it also involved the podcast. It was a two-fer when it came to doing something new. It was a tremendous challenge. I was learning new things every month about fishing, I was having to re-prioritize my life to make room for all the time I needed to spend on the water, I was facing down self imposed doubts, I was overcoming my introverted nature to reach out to people for help and podcast interviews. I was asking for help. Probably one of my biggest challenges across the board in life – asking for help. And I was asking over and over again each month.

I was being challenged physically – tagging along with friends on long hikes, refusing to accept that last cast and fishing until my arm was about to fall off, pushing ice huts over the ice and through the snow. In the pitch black of night.

My mental and emotional limits were challenged as I faced my fear of walking on the ice – spending the day ice fishing in the warm sun only to find the ice slushy and puddling water as we walked back to shore that night. Hiking into unknown territory. Setting a hook in my face thanks to the ever present Wyoming wind. Facing the possibility of failing at my own challenge and not being able to catch a fish until sundown on the last day of the month. Breaking all my rods and ending the year with one last lightweight basic rod.

All of these challenges could have been the one thing that made me throw in the towel. The one thing that was just too much. But when I think back about all the ups and downs….well, I don’t feel like I am carrying the downs with me. My highlight reel seems to only include the ups. And the strength I have discovered. My willingness to open up to new things, new challenges. Experiencing growth.

And there it is….

The most important thing I am taking with me.

I learned the importance of giving myself room to grow.

I had to GIVE myself room to grow. I wasn’t going to be able to accomplish this by maintaining the status quo. I had to let go of this preconceived version of myself. I had to let go of who I thought I was. If I hadn’t let go of that version, I wouldn’t have been able to grow into who I am today at the end of 2022. We can’t exist in two realities. And as long as you are holding on to who you were…you will never become who you are meant to be.

And in doing so, I gave myself the greatest gift. I was able to find meaning through the #wyonthefly challenge and podcast. In a time in my life in which I felt like I had nothing of value to offer this world. Where I felt like I was simply existing as a middle-aged, frumpy mom, wife, and teacher…

I was able to add depth to my human experience.

I was able to learn how to flow with life. Much like the water that I spent so much time standing in and next to this past year.

I was able to show myself grace and show up for the experience and wonder of the last 12 months.

And it has enriched my life. What an incredible year.

Welcome to Part I of the December to Remember Podcast…

to be continued…

2 thoughts on “Ep. 14 – Committed to Growth

  1. Thanks for your
    thoughts Havely. I am proud you did not give up. I chose to read the bible in one year and I found there were times I had to give up other things just to keep my promise to my self . I learned so much and rejoice that I hung in there. Blessing in your new year. Love you

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