Ep. 1 – Freedom

This month we sit down with Tony English, a guide on the North Platte River. He shares with us information about flies, reading the water, and winter fishing tips.

This episode encompasses so many different levels of learning for me. Recording a podcast proved to be a challenge in and of itself, and I am learning as I go. Be gentle. Sitting down with someone I had never met before (that I can remember anyway…I have been on enough float trips that the names have begun to run together, which illustrates my confusion on the recording) presents a challenge and certain level of anxiety for this introvert. I learned that I say, “um” and “so” entirely too much and I hope to grow in that area.

Looking past these rocks in the road, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about this new person and his journey in fly fishing. I enjoyed learning about bugs and being able to dig up some information that I did, in fact, already know and understand.

In this episode, Tony summarizes how so many of us feel about fly fishing and spending time in Wyoming’s great outdoors. While it is a place that keeps us on our toes, Wyoming feeds our infatuation with trout and our passion for fly fishing. #WYONTHEFLY

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