The beauty of letting go…

Grief is a journey. It is there and then fades. It hits you in the deepest part of your soul and flows back to wherever it came from. It comes during the quiet moments of reflection and it comes uninvited while life continues its cycle. And while it isn’t fun or enjoyable, it does drag you along on a journey of growth. Internal, emotional, and personal.

2021 has brought with it the loss of several people who were special to me. People who have impacted my life, many times unbeknownst to them. But one of the most impactful losses was a dog. My daughter’s dog, Tuff. And not because I actually liked him, because most of the time he drove me insanely crazy. His death was impactful because I have had to watch my daughter experience this heart wrenching grief. She has spent nearly every day with Tuff for the last seven years. He cuddled her through the divorce and split his time in both households, right by her side. He was there for her as she navigated the difficulties of middle school. And he was ever present in all our celebrations and gatherings. He loved her through it all.

This grief, for her, is a learning experience that will emerge time and again as she walks through life. And as a parent, while I’d do anything to erase her heartbreak, it is an experience that I know is necessary. And I’ll love her through it.

This video was created by her sister. I’ve already watched it again and again…but the end gets me every time. The music may be muted due to music copyrights, but you’ll want to watch with the volume up.

All my love. 💗

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